Collaborative Robots



 Collaborative robots provide the advantage of advanced automation without the cost associated with traditional robots. What are collaborative robots and what are the advantages over traditional robots? Collaborative robots have the following advantages:

 A typical robot needs a safety cage to prevent human injury from impact due to the unrestricted force of the robot. A collaborative robot can share workspace with humans because they are force limited to stop when they have unexpected contact. This means a collaborative robot can work right alongside humans, for example, on an assembly line.Robot

  • Eliminating the safety cage frees floor space and eliminates the cost associated with safety caging, which could be two- to five-times the cost of the robot. With a proper risk assessment completed, a collaborative robot does not require a safety cage.
  • With a traditional robot, when there is a problem the robot must be stopped before a worker can safely enter the safety cage. The worker then corrects the problem, exits the safety cage, resets the safety circuit, and then restarts the robot and associated machinery. With a collaborative robot the worker simply fixes the problem and restarts the robot.
  • Unlike a traditional robot, a collaborative robot can be moved around your facility performing multiple tasks. This is a big advantage for a collaborative robot – buy one robot and use it anywhere in your facility!
  • Traditionally robots have been complex to program. The new collaborative robots offer simple, quick, intuitive, and easy programming. To teach a waypoint simply move the robot into position by hand and hit the waypoint button on the controller.

 In summary, collaborative robots provide the advantages of traditional robots without the cost of advanced robot programming, extensive training, long set-up times, dedicated work areas, and expensive safety cages.

 The collaborative robot now makes automation truly affordable with a quick return on investment. For small and mid-sized companies, it is a new approach to cost effective manufacturing!

To see a no cost, no obligation demonstration of a Universal Robots collaborative robot give us a call and we will schedule a demonstration.